Thursday, March 25, 2004

Villone Secures Role In the Pen 

Ron Villone goes 4 innings today and gives up one run on a couple of cheap singles. He is definitely on the team, and is gonna be a strong member of the pen.

Rafael Soriano returns to the round and gives up a couple of runs in an inning, but at least he's back.

Raul Ibanez throws out a runner at home to save more damage for Raffy and then in the following inning goes yard to give the M's a 4-3 lead over the Rangers.

Man, I can't wait for Opening Day, when these games count!

March Madness Revisited
In the meantime, here are my revised picks for the NCAA Tournament:

The Phoenix Region is pretty uninspiring, with UConn benefitting from all the upsets in a SEC-Big East tilt. UConn will cruise to an easy win tonight over Vandy while Syracuse will be stunned by Alabama. UConn heads to San Antonio after Okaforing the Tide.

The East Rutherford Region is going to be freakin awesome tonight. In the best game of the tournament Pittsburgh beats Oklahoma State (yes, I've changed my mind here - Pitt winning would win me some money :-), and in the nightcap, St. Joe's proves they are for real by taking out Wake. But its Pitt that stamps its ticket to San Antonio. Any one of these teams would fit right into a Final Four berth, and these should be great games.

On Friday, in Atlanta, Xavier puts the Longhorns out of my misery, so we can quit hearing how great Rick Barnes is on Austin sportsradio. And Duke says thank you very much and cruises into the Final Four.

The St. Louis Regional provides all the entertainment for us underdog fans, as UAB faces Kansas and Nevada takes on Georgia Tech. I'm gonna go for the upsets. UAB is on fire, and Nevada's thugs will take care of Tech. The WAC goes to the Final Four behind a huge performance from Kirk Snyder.

In San Antonio, UConn takes out a Duke in a blowout, and Pitt sends Cinderella Nevada home in a squeaker. Then its UConn taking home the title, 72-70.

I went back and forth three times on Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh and cannot wait for the game tonight. But UConn got favors it did not need, and is primed for a title run.

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