Wednesday, March 17, 2004

More Griffey Rumors 

Jon Wells at Grand Salami Blog chimes in with the latest Griffey to the M's rumor from an undisclosed source.

The supposed deal would have the Reds paying more than half the money remaining on Junior's contract with Randy Winn and a minor league pitcher headed to Cincy.
Half the money? Well, heck that might be enough to let me let Winn go. Essentially, we turn a 5 year - $46M deal (net-present-value) into a 5-year, $23M deal for Griffey? Of course, I may be misinterpreting what "half the money" really means (does that incorporate Randy Winn's salary into the equation?)

I would really hate to include Winn in the deal, but this deal still improves the Mariners as we essentially spend a minor league pitcher to turn Randy Winn into Ken Griffey. Having the gimpy Griffey would increase the need to have a cash reserve in case an outfielder got injured, but this deal sounds like it would not bite into our extra money much at all.

Stay tuned...

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