Tuesday, March 09, 2004

MBSBL Underway - Optimist is Strugglin 

The games are being played, and you should definitely check out the stats here, and the commentary here. I think we are playing roughly 10 games a day, so keep checking in on the league. The Vegas odds have the Optimist at 10-1, so this is a golden opportunity to make money toward a child's college education.

The Mariner Optimist squad is off to a pathetic 9-12 start which puts it 9th out of 10 teams, despite being 3rd in offense based on OPS, and 2nd in pitching based on ERA. We have outscored our oppenents 111-100. Apparently, my team is lacking in chemistry or coaching. All you Mariner fans who want Carlos Beltran, take note, the sim-Beltran is batting a pathetic .163 so far. I may just have to bench him for Chone Figgins for a few games to light a fire under his butt.

San Shin thinks they are in Coors, easily outpacing the field with 167 runs scored, and with 130 allowed, while running off to first place with a 14-9 record. Jeff also does an excellent job with an idea I was mulling, by researching Bob Finnigan's propensity for starting Ken Griffey Junior trade rumors. Its definitely worth a read.

Of course, Jeff also does a number on Howard Lincoln, analyzing statements he made about ARod vs. Kenny ("Let me put it this way: If I was stranded on a deserted island and I had to pick one or the other to be with me there, I would pick Kenny without any hesitation."). He guessed that this is how Lincoln might discuss the M's blogosphere ("In case there's any doubt, I'd rather spend the day with twenty Mariners bloggers other than the Optimist than I would spend one hour with Alex Rodriguez.")

Now that is locker room material if I've ever seen it. Looking forward to my upcoming series with San Shin...

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