Thursday, March 25, 2004

MBSBL Dog Days of August 

Its August 16th, and your Mariner Optimist MBSBL team finds themselves 10 games out of first, but comfortably 61/2 games out of 5th place. With the top four teams going to the playoffs, things look alright, but since San Shin is in fifth with what may be the best team, these last 40 games are going to be crucial.

Some amazing stats from this league...

We let Carlos Beltran go after putting up an anemic .195 batting average for the Optimist. He was snatched up by San Shin where he is now a late inning defensive specialist. Other hitters who have sucked include Tim Salmon (521 OPS), Juan Pierre (642 OPS, 10-17 in steals), Nomar Garciaparra (297 OBP), Scott Podsednik (582 OPS), Juan Gonzalez (607 OPS), AJ Pierzynski (591 OPS), Kevin Millar(584), Orlando Cabrera(581), Sean Burroughs(595)

Good pitching beats good offense? Diamond Mind says NO. Only 7 starting pitchers have an ERA under 4.00 and the list is Curt Schilling, Byung-Hyun Kim, Wilson Alvarez!, Livan Hernandez, Tim Hudson, Jose Contreras and Javier Vazquez. Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano is 2-16 and Johan Santana is 3-12!

Jim Edmonds leads the league in home runs with 50, passing Javy Lopez(47), Barry Bonds(46), and ARod(44).

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