Monday, March 22, 2004

Gotta love the Tournament 

A fantastic weekend of basketball! Of course, my pick to win it all, Kentucky, went down in flames against a surprising Alabama-Birmingham team. And don't say I didn't warn Gonzaga to watch out for Nevada or they were gonna get WAC'd.

My two upsets on Friday didn't pan out, but Pacific came up huge against Providence, and in by far the most entertaining game of the Opening Round, UAB knocked off Washington 102-100. That left me 12-4 on Friday, and 26-6 overall which is probably my best record ever.

In the second round it all fell apart. I was correct in the only upset I picked with Illinois crushing Cincinatti. But I was not bold enough to pick Nevada over Gonzaga. Nor did I think Syracuse could beat Maryland. And c'mon, after Alabama missed two free throws with five seconds left and a three point lead, didn't you think Stanford was continue their miracle season? Sunday brought me more misery with Vanderbilt taking out NC State, Xavier taking out Mississippi State, and my bracket killer, UAB beating Kentucky, who I had picked to win it all.

Still, I managed a 10-6 record for Round 2, and remain 36-12 overall. I still have three of my Final Four left, though I secretly hope Pittsburgh knocks out Oklahoma State. On Friday, there are three teams I'll be rooting hard for - Xavier to take out the #$*#&$( Longhorns, Nevada to take out Georgia Tech, and UAB to continue their run by stomping Kansas.

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