Thursday, March 25, 2004

Game Logs 

For those of you looking for a little more information on what REALLY happened in a game, I've found that the guys at Top Forums are doing a good job there too with their game threads. Stuff you don't always find in a boxscore or the writeup from the beat writers.

Here's an example from yesterday's White Sox game...

Gar leads off the 4th against Garland. Garland's retired 8 M's in a row.

Foul shot down the line for 0-1. Ball one. GAR HITS A SHOT...right to the SS. lineout for #1.

Ole's next, takes a ball low. Ball two. Shot lined foul into the stands. Johnny O gets that swing corrected and hits the same shot but fair for a hot single. That's it John, hit em hard.

Ben Davis is up. Throw to first. Uh...Mr. Garland, Olerud will NOT be stealing a base on you. He's sorta slower than Molasses running uphill in an icestorm.

Now he comes to the plate. 2 balls to Ben, followed by a foul shot for 2-1. Swinging strike 2.

Davis hits one to to the SS, who has to tag Ole and only gets the lead runner. 2 outs.

Good news: Soriano's working tomorrow. Bad news: So's Jarvis.

Bloomie hits a shot...JUSt foul, 0-1. ball and a strike for 1-2. Flyball to CF and Rowen drifts back to make the catch.

Still 3-0 ChiSox.

The good news is Jarvis is working today for not only the M's but for scouts from the Brewers. As bad as Jarvis looks to us, remember that he'd probably be a #3 starter on the Reds, Rockies, or Brewers. The question is will we be throwing in a prospect, cash, or both?

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