Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Betting on the M's 

Aaron Gleeman is one of my favorite baseball bloggers, and one of his "trademarks" is that each day he bets on one or more baseball games and keeps a running tally on the results. I am going to try to do that myself this year, as I've always wanted to see if I was better served using my hard-earned money to gamble on baseball, which I believe I understand, rather than the stock market, which I can't pretend to fathom. I'm going to track two numbers - first, what would happen to a gambler who was a true optimist and bet on the M's every week. Since the M's will win the World Series this year, how much money would that make me. Second, I'll pick my favorite games from the remainder of the slate.

Edited 4/14: After 1-6 start I've decided that my betting on the M's is the cause and will desist posthaste.

Aaron does a nice job of explaining how betting on baseball works...

For those unfamiliar with how baseball betting works, here's a quick little explanation...

Say you have two teams, New York and Chicago. The "betting line" for the game will look something like this:

New York -150 vs. Chicago +140

What that means is that New York is the favorite, and to win $100 on them you need to bet $150. On the other hand, Chicago is the underdog, and if you bet $100 on them, you win $140.

Pretty simple, right?
If I make money at this, I'm cashing in my 401k, and opening an account with an offshore gambling facility.

Trades Brewin?
The Brewers traded pitcher Wayne Franklin to the Giants yesterday. Both teams have had rumored interest in Kevin Jarvis. So, while it looks like the Giants won't need Jarvis, the Brewers now need Jarvis more than ever. Strange trade for the Brewers, and hopefully one that leads to them somehow dealing us Geoff Jenkins for Kevin Jarvis.

Andriessen digs at the Bloggers
Normally, I like David Andriessen's work, but I found fault with today's article, and I'm sure it will be fodder for many a Mariner blogger. "Internet critics aside, Bavasi gets high marks" has a line that all bloggers and blogreaders should find a bit insulting...

So when the new outfielder is Raul Ibanez instead of Vladimir Guerrero, when the new shortstop is Rich Aurilia rather than Miguel Tejada, people on the Internet and sports talk shows who think the GM's job is like running their fantasy team call for everyone in the organization to be tarred and feathered.

While I may disagree with many bloggers who have criticized Bavasi for personnel moves, I do think their arguments are well thought out and are due consideration by everyone, including members of the Mariners front office. In one fell swoop, Andriessen insults the bloggers, and fantasy owners at the same time. Nice job, David!

Watching/Listening to the M's on the Net
David at USS Mariner found a great deal on purchasing MLB All Access, by becoming a member of MSN Premium. Doing it this way makes the cost $30 for 6 months rather than $80 or more. Of course, it wasn't long ago that listening to baseball over the Internet was free...

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