Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl Thoughts 

Well, I got to see Janet Jackson's breast, though it looks like she may have some Michael-like discoloration going on with the nipple, and I got to see Nelly frisk himself to see if he could find a cucumber to go with his salad. Just what I want for my halftime entertainment.

And the University of Houston marching band? Puh-leeze - bring on the M.O.B. and get rid of the high school band. Would've been nice to give Rice a nod, since we were the host of Super Bowl V. Yes, a 70,000 seat stadium was built for a school with 2,500 students...

But after one of the most dull opening 20 minutes I could imagine, the game itself turned out excellent.

Poor Ricky Proehl. Twice in three years he catches a touchdown pass to tie the Super Bowl with a minute to play, and both times Tom Brady and Adam Vinatieri steal his thunder and glory.

Bud Light dominates the commercials with low-brow humor. Lets see - dog bite to the crotch, male bikini waxing, horse flatulence, and bestiality with monkeys. Most had me rolling, if that's any indicator of my humor level. Better yet, most had my wife laughing hard, which is why I love my wife...

Using Jimi Hendrix to sell Pepsi seems a bit creepy to me. I'd rather let the dead lie in peace.

Meanwhile, the MBSBL is on hold due to server issues, so I have time to decide who the Mariner Optimist will choose as its third catcher...

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