Friday, February 13, 2004

#$(*#@&$(*@# San Shin and Sodo Oh No 

I waited too long. I was planning on taking my first two pitchers next, but was beaten to it when San Shin took Jose Acevedo and Sodo Oh No took Jose Contreras. These were two of the top pitchers in the whole league based on OPS against, or based on ERA or WHIP, one of which has got to be a key indicator for Diamond Mind. So, instead I'll be taking lesser choices, but still better than most of the pitchers taken, assuming that their small sample sizes project out throughout 2003. That was my whole strategy, and I should have taken the hint of Wilson Alvarez getting picked and gotten my guys two rounds ago. Sigh.

Top "starters" by OPS against:
Schmidt - 564
Pedro - 585
Hudson - 585
Alvarez - 596
Contreras - 597
Acevedo - 599
Webb - 601
Brown - 604
Zito - 616
Schilling - 624

So, instead of getting 2 of the top 6 starters, I'm left on the outside looking in, but still can take solace that I did not waste picks on the likes of C.C. Sabathia (716 OPS against). Hats off to San Shin and Sodo Oh No, who've outmaneuvered me in this draft. Hopefully, I've acquired enough offense to make things exciting, and can make the playoffs, where anything can happen!

Notice that Schmidt and Contreras were heavily pursued by M's management when they were available. We may not be the best at bench bats, but we do know pitching ;-)

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