Thursday, February 26, 2004

Quick Rice Update 

My apologies to M's fans eagerly awaiting the next "Glass Half Full" preview - work has bitten me a bit this week, and 1B is actually pretty interesting, so is taking awhile (I expect 2B will get cranked out pretty quickly).

While you're waiting, let me continue my quest to get all Seattle Mariner fans to root for the Rice Owls. Or at least to give some info to the other 1 or 2 M's fans who root for Rice.

This weekend, Rice basketball visits last place San Jose State on Friday night in what had better be a win for the Owls. A win will give the Owls 20 wins for the first time since the Scott Thompson era, and should guarantee us at least an NIT bid. Of course, this optimist and the Owls have their sights set on Rice getting their first NCAA bid in 34 years! It may come down to the WAC tournament for the Owls, and unfortunately, the tournament is at Fresno State, where their students research how to heckle.

In baseball, Rice hosts another interesting tournament that will send Philip Humber to the mound tonight against #15 North Carolina, Wade Townsend (who claims his teammates call him the "alpha male to the human race") to the mound against #16 Nebraska on Saturday, and Jeff Niemann going against unranked Northwestern State on Sunday.

All Rice sports can be heard over the Internet at www.tsrnsports.com.

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