Tuesday, February 03, 2004

New Pessimist on the Block and more... 

If you need to read more ranting and raving against the M's, I'm guessing that Bavasi Stinks will be your cup of tea :-)

For those pessimists who are saying how bad our team will be if we get an injury need to relax a bit. Nothing says that the replacement has to come from our bench, who with the exception of Dan Wilson, is filled with role players. Any long-term injury should lead to a Chris Snelling, Jose Lopez, or Justin Leone sighting, and they will all just be minutes away in Tacoma. And if that fails, we have a little money tucked away to take on salary in trade. So chill a bit.

And those who think that Kevin Jarvis is locked and loaded into a rotation spot should take a little bit of heart from this Bill Bavasi quote:

"We're going to be open-minded. It's going to be a real battle for the younger guys to get into this bullpen and rotation."

With Spring Training just around the corner, the bullpen looks to be the easiest place for a young player to break in with the M's.

While Eddie Guardado, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Rafael Soriano and Julio Mateo are locks for the bullpen, the 5th and 6th (and 7th early on) are up for grabs with Kevin Jarvis the current favorite for long relief and Dieter (touch my monkey!) leading the pack for the required bullpen lefty role.

Meanwhile, a quick scan of other blogs shows that Justin Spiro accomplished his mission, in that more Seattle sports fans know his name than they do the name of the M's largest shareholder. And the MBSBL is back on, but we'll see if the pace picks up any. We could be drafting until the World Series at the current pace. Keep a look at the dates on the link on right as I will provide an update after each round.

Mariner Minors does a nice bit of digging on the M's Austrailian Connection. I'm moving him to the Optimist section, since anyone focused on the minors has to be an optimist of some sort, don't they?

Mariner Wheelhouse & Fire Bavasi combine with two other blogs to preview the AL West, position by position. I hope to do the same for the Mariners, but with the optimist perspective. They indicate they will be unburdened by past expectations or something like that but the first run has provided no surprises, although some may have missed the collaboration point by copying and pasting text into their blogs rather than linking to the other sites. We'll see if the next round provides more insight and maybe a more consistent format. The short of it is, the M's are worse and everyone else is better. Did you expect anything different?

Finally, on a high note, the 15-5 Rice Owls now show up on ESPN's bracketology as the 13th seed in the South. Any tournament bid is gonna have me figuring out logistics for a road trip.

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