Tuesday, February 10, 2004

M's Add Mulholland, Owens 

The Mariners signed aging lefty reliever Terry Mulholland and formerly fast outfielder Eric Owens to minor league contracts today. Both contracts would pay the players around $500,000 if they make the big club.

Soon to be 41, Terry Mulholland is so old that ESPN.com does not have a player card for him, and instead you have to find him on this "classic" all-time stats with no splits. Here are his splits from Bigleaguers.com. Essentially, not much to get excited about. He'll be in the mix with Myers and Villone, but definitely looks like the third choice.

Many of you oldtimers may remember Mulholland when he played with Everett in the Northwest League back in 1984.

I did find this quote from an obviously hungry Chipper Jones after hitting the game-winning hit off Mulholland to put the Braves up 2-0 in the 1998 NLDS.

"Terry Mulholland's bread and butter is to try to saw you off inside, get in your kitchen. I was looking for it on the first pitch."

Meanwhile, Eric Owens is Quinton McCracken without the very nice year that Q had in 2002 (825 OPS). Owens has a career high OPS of 727 with 33 steals in 40 attempts in 1999 for the Padres when he played every position except catcher and shortstop. But a change of scenery to Florida and last year in Anaheim saw his speed and power deteriorate completely, leaving him with a 607 OPS last year and a meager 11 steals in 19 attempts.

He does hit lefties better than righties, and in 2003, managed a 700 OPS against lefties. He is a hard worker who is known for a scrappy style of play that made him a fan favorite for the Padres. But, he should not be a part of the Mariners major league plans in 2004.

Two low-risk signings with little likelihood of panning out. Move along...

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