Wednesday, February 11, 2004

MBSBL Picks for Round 9 

MBSBL Picks: That was fun, so here are some predictions for Round 9 - full commentary can be found here....

The Safe - Carlos Zambrano - I avoided looking this time, so I'll probably get none right.
116 - Scott Podsednik - speed and a centerfielder, two things that 116 needs.
What the? - Livan Hernandez - I sense pitching...
San Shin - Mike Piazza - a healthy Piazza on this offense is scary. Knows this will irk Sodo Oh No.
Sodo Oh No - Greg Myers - Acts like a platoon is what they wanted all along.
Cracking The Safe - Placido Polanco - slick fielding and the 2nd best OPS among 2B left.
Mariner Optimist - its a secret, but Hipper Bones still available somehow
Mariners Musings - Orlando Cabrera fills the SS role for the Muse.
Mariners Weekly - Jay Payton fills the centerfield gap.
Fire Bavasi - Cliff Floyd healthy for a full year is a nice left fielder.

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