Monday, February 09, 2004

MBSBL Picks for Round 8 

MBSBL Picks: Just for grins - here are some predictions for Round 8 - full commentary can be found here....

Fire Bavasi - Brandon Webb (okay, I cheated on that one, but have to make sure I get one right)
Mariners Weekly - Matt Stairs - has 1B, RF and DH and 4 pitchers. Hard to tell where they're going, but I'll say Matt Stairs is a terrible fielder and fits in here.
Mariners Musings - Bartolo Colon. Last two picks have been lefty/righty aces of Mulder and Wood. Has good defense but no shortstop. Probably waiting for Jose Valentin there, so I'm guessing another pitcher.
Mariner Optimist - don't want to say so I don't give it away but it rhymes with Hipper Bones.
Cracking The Safe - Jeff Kent. Last great hitter for this great hitting team.
Sodo Oh No - Mike Piazza. Loss of Kent to the cracker causes shift from 2B to catcher.
San Shin - Richie Sexson. Damn this team is scary. Great pick again, Jeff!
What the? - Larry Walker. They need a RF and they like big bats.
116 - Preston Wilson. Might as well finish out that outfield.
The Safe - Scott Podsednik. Likes the Mariners, so I'm guessing a sucker for an ex-Mariner done good.

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