Saturday, February 14, 2004

MBSBL Picks for Round 12 

MBSBL Picks: Well, I got four of the players right last round, so that's something... two even with the right teams. Now that Acevedo/Contreras/Armas have broken, there are few secret starting pitchers left, so its back to the board...

Mariners Weekly - Mark Grudzielanek
Mariners Musings - Rafael Furcal - Top SS
Mariner Optimist - Eric Dubose - Top lefty "starter" w/647 OPS against
Cracking The Safe - Keith Foulke
Sodo Oh No - Matt Mantei
San Shin - Jose Valverde - expect something different from San Shin
WTHH - Larry Walker - RF still a hole
116 - Eddie Guardado
The Safe - AJ Pierzynski - beats San Shin to top catcher left
The Safe - Steve Finley - outfielder needed.

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