Friday, February 13, 2004

MBSBL Picks for Round 11 

MBSBL Picks: I'm not very good at this picking so far, but here are some predictions for Round 10 - full commentary can be found here....

The Safe - Ray Durham - Top 2B on the board.
116 - Mike Piazza - Top C on the board
What the? - Rafael Furcal - Top shortstop on the board
San Shin - Mike Lieberthal - Top catcher on the board
Sodo Oh No - Keith Foulke - Top closer on the board.
Cracking The Safe - Matt Mantei - Starting a closer run.
Mariner Optimist - Eddie Guardado - Go with M's plan A for lefty short reliever.
Mariners Musings - Orlando Cabrera - destiny.
Mariners Weekly - Mark Grudzielanek - cuz the dropoff at 2B is steep after this.
Fire Bavasi - Steve Finley - Top CF on the board.

edited to add
Round 12 - Fire Bavasi - Matt Mantei - top closer

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