Friday, February 20, 2004

Flipping Birds at Yankee Fans 

I went to go look to see if Curt Schilling had posted anymore great stuff on the Sons of Sam Horn board, only to find that his thread "Lets talk baseball, real baseball" is gone. And that's a shame. But the site does allow you to search by poster, and I found a few recent gems from Curt Schilling's "Gehrig38".

First, was this beauty about the ARod to Yankees trade rumors (the post is before it became official). Click here to read the whole response.

It's another challenge, but after 85 years did any of you think that getting over this final hurdle and winning it all was gonna be a cake walk? No, it'll be more fun this way. This way, when we do win it all, and you all are out there flipping birds back and forth with Yankee fans, you'll be smiling a whole lot wider.

Yes, Curt Schilling is promoting "flipping birds" to Yankee fans. That is beautiful. I think I feel a tear trickling from my eye.

And in late January, in response to an ESPN article claiming that Schilling faces the most pressure in 2004, Schilling writes as Gehrig38:

So yes, there is a ton of pressure on me to have a great season, but that pressure from you, from the media, is immeasurably smaller than the pressure I put on myself to do those very things. I love it, I welcome it, most players do, it's what you play for.

Think what you will about Curt Schilling, but you've got to like a guy willing to lay it out there for you like that. Pressure? Sure! Bring it on!

You've got to be getting pumped about the baseball season, when you read stuff like this coming straight from a player to you, the fan. Even if it is coming for someone who plays for the Red Sox. I'm looking forward to taking out the Yankees or the Red Sox in the ALCS and flipping birds at all their fans, the national media, and maybe a bird or two at our own naysayers who never thought the M's had a chance. Bring em on!

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