Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Could a deal be on the horizon? 

Hmmm... we now have eight potential starting pitchers including a lefty in Villone who started all of last year and has a deal that sounds like a deal for a starter, not a 6th man in the bullpen lefty. And next we sign another lefty to a minor league contract.

Could the long-anticipated Freddy to Chicago for Ordonez or some other big trade be looming on the horizon?

Ron Villone is ready for it...

"I'm versatile - that's one of my strengths. I relieved last year, then in Houston I became a starter. I'm ready to do whatever, just be a little piece of the puzzle. They know my background. If something happens, they know my credentials.

"I want that chance to start in one sense, but I'd rather go somewhere with a chance to win and a role they need filled. I saw there was a role for me here."

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