Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Welcome to the Big Show 

After reading 10 different Mariner Blogs lambasting Bavasi's latest move, I've decided that Mariner Fans need somewhere to go to read good news about the Mariners, that isn't necessarily just the PR that the newspapers do for the M's.

I am a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan, and I am well-versed in baseball knowledge as a devotee of Bill James and now Rob Neyer, and sabermetric sites like Baseball Prospectus.

Yes, the M's management does not seem to get it. But then, NO sabermetrician would have predicted 116 wins in 2001, and we have seen how low-budget teams that do not hire Billy Beane can win the World Series. So you don't have to have Vlad, or ARod, or even Tejada to win it all. It takes some good young pitching, a winning streak, and a good run in the playoffs. And the M's can do it.

The M's will do it.

In 2004.

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