Thursday, January 22, 2004

Site Maintenance 

I've added comments by Haloscan, so we'll see how that goes. Give it a try!

This blog is also RSS enabled thanks to the folks at baseballBlogs.org . If you want to learn more about RSS, check out their site. Also, their front page will show the latest and greatest postings in their blogosphere, so its a nice place to go if you are looking for fresh baseball commentary.

Thanks to all the M's blogosphere who have linked me and special thanks to Steve at Mariner's Wheelhouse for all the technical help.

Another interesting development in the M's blogosphere is over at Sodo Oh No, which has set up the Mariner Blogosphere Simulated Baseball League. This will be a league of Mariner bloggers playing a season of Diamond Mind Baseball. I'm not sure how this will work, but we'll see how the optimist fares against all the realists out there. I'm guessing I'll have the only team with Scott Spiezio and Raul Ibanez on it! Okay, well maybe I'll have the only team with Kevin Jarvis on it - now that's true optimism!

Now I have never played Diamond Mind before and have no clue how it works, but I am a fanalytic baseball (which is Ron Shandler at BaseballHQ's preferred name for fantasy baseball, Rotisserie baseball, etc) enthusiast - however, I typically play in NL-Only leagues so that my fanalytic baseball rooting interests rarely cross my baseball rooting interests. I highly recommend that all baseball lovers try one of the many free games out there at least once. I found that participating in these games have made me much more knowledgeable about baseball in general, and in detail about many great players I otherwise would not have paid much attention to because they were not Mariners. And where else can you finally consummate an ARod for Manny Ramierez trade!

Its now just three weeks until pitchers and catchers report! Can't wait! Go M's!!!

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