Monday, January 26, 2004

Scott Spiezio Rocks 

Looking forward to seeing Spiezio becoming a fan favorite and maybe another shot at World Series Hero. Steve Kelley interviews Spiezio's band-mate, Jeremy Sparta, and reveals Scott as much less confident on stage than in the batter's box.

You get the feeling Scott Spiezio is going to be an instant fan favorite. The son of former big leaguer Ed Spiezio — an accordion player with perfect pitch — he is the antithesis of "big time."

And, where his predecessor, Jeff Cirillo, was wrapped as tightly as an old-school Titleist, Spiezio is as loose as David Lee Roth.

"He is absolutely the most normal guy you could meet," Sparta said. "We've met a lot of major-league players through Scott and I can tell you he's a one-in-a-million. It's never gone to his head.

"He still thinks it's funny when people come up to him and ask for his autograph. He acts like, 'Why would you want my autograph?' The way we look at Scott is that he has a good-paying, high-profile day job, but he's just a regular guy."

Just a regular guy who loves playing hardball and heavy metal.

If Spiezio hits and doesn't bring back visions of Russ Davis fielding at 3B then M's fans are gonna love him. Humility and personality, too? Its a good time to buy low on Scott Spiezio stock..

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