Monday, January 26, 2004

Scott Boras' Number 

Rob Neyer had an interesting article on the genius Of Scott Boras. It essentially describes how Boras has changed the game from two teams fighting over a player to determine the number he will be paid, to Boras dictating the number even with only one team involved. See Rodriguez, Alex, and now Pudge...

Meanwhile, Larry Larue reports that Mariners GM Bill Bavasi vehemently denied the report from a Detroit sports website, saying "There is absolutely nothing to that story. They either have bad sources or they're fools, or both.". But the article goes on to say that they do NOT deny interest but that talks will not happen until Sasaki's departure is official.

Does this "pursuit" of Pudge Rodriguez seem familiar? I'm not helping. So this will be my last Pudge Rodriguez bandwagon pushing post until he signs. How about that FanFest? Can't wait for that big Carolina-New Englaaaaawwwwnn. G'night.

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