Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Sasaki Speaks 

ESPN has a translated transcript of press conference that Kazuhiro Sasaki held with reporters on Tuesday.

In it he indicates that he wants to play in Japan, but wants to be closer to his children. When asked "Why", his first response was "Because it looked like the Mariners were being understanding and allowing me to leave now. "

Jim Caple writes a nice summary of the Sasaki situation. Its first paragraph should not be forgotten by Mariner fans...

Until Kazuhiro Sasaki joined the Mariners four years ago, Seattle fans would shudder at the very sound of the bullpen phone ringing. After being subjected to the likes of Bobby Ayala, Heathcliff Slocumb and Jose Mesa, fans knew that no lead was safe in the ninth inning.

Thank you, Kazuhiro, for ushering in the age of the Dominant Bullpen in Mariner history.

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