Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ryan Anderson we hardly knew ye... 

According to the Seattle Times, Ryan Anderson may be the player dropped from our 40 man roster as a result of signing Rich Aurilia and trading Carlos Guillen to the Tigers and returning a major league player (presumed to be Ramon Santiago).

Essentially, if we add Santiago, we will have 41 men on our 40 men roster, and someone has got to go. We can either package Anderson in trade, or we can designate him for reassignment and hope that he somehow passes through waivers.

Why Ryan Anderson? Well, he hasn't pitched since 2000 for one, has had three shoulder surgeries, and won't pitch this year until the May/June timeframe at best. And if he stays on the 40 man roster this year, he becomes a minor league free agent at the end of the year and we lose him anyway.

So, essentially, the Little Unit is already gone. If he somehow slips through waivers, then he keeps his one remaining minor league option and we don't lose him at the end of the year, so I hope we at least try to do that. Maybe if we package him in the Detroit deal (Anderson IS a Michigan native) that we somehow get something better in return, but I doubt that. But this administration DOES seem to take care of its players and they may send Anderson "home" to Detroit as a favor to him, and continue to build up good karma with the MLB universe.

So, Ryan, we wish you well in your continued rehab, and hope that you may someday pitch in the major leagues. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't be as a Mariner.

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