Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Not Completely Lackin... 

Quinton McCracken has taken a LOT of crap from the M's blogsphere as the worst player of 2003. I saw him referred to somewhere in a takeoff on "Hard Hitten Mark Whiten" as "Completely Lackin Quinton McCracken." But in 2002, his line in 349 ABs was .309/.367/.458 with 27 doubles and 8 triples. That's a respectable OPS of 825.

Randy Winn's "All Star" stats in 600 ABs in 2002? .298/.360/.461 for an OPS of 821. (Winn's OPS was a mere 771 in 2003, and Ichiro's? 788)

In the three years prior to 2002, he played in a total of 79 games as a torn ACL in 1999 derailed his career, which while not going to send him to the Hall, seemed headed for the same path as his best friend, Randy Winn. So he sucked last year, in a year where he thought he might get the RF job and instead found himself eventually playing behind Raul Mondesi, which could cause anyone to slump.

Here's hoping that being reunited with Winn allows Q to excel as the M's 4th OF in 2004, and picks Winn up as well. I certainly can see Q helping us more than Colbrunn did last year.

All we are saying...
Is give Q a chance

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