Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Cirillo Deal a Good One 

As the Mariner Fan that will be the scorn of all other M's Blogs, I must say that I LIKE the Jeff Cirillo deal. Cirillo on our bench was going to be a cancer all season, and Sweeney is not at the top of our AAA list. And from the math I see, it looks like we save $1M in the transaction.

Wiki will go to AAA where he will either get his head out of his butt and become the backup to Ben Davis when we finally say goodbye to Dan (and Coach Borders) next year. Or maybe we dump/trade Wiki and someone picks him up for the league minimum saving us $300K over 2 years for $600K

Hansen will be a PH/sub-DH, or we will deal him to an NL team, and save another 300K (pro-rated).

Jarvis will either be able to put up quality innings now that he is 2 years removed from elbow surgery, or he will fail, and we will dump him early in the season (or in Spring), and hope that another desperate team (Reds?) pick him up and save us yet another $300K.

So whereas before we could dump Cirillo and possibly save $600K over 2 seasons, we can dump 3 players and possibly save another $1.2M. This is on top of the $1M we've already saved.

I think much of the scorn comes from this landslide of negativity of our bloggers. Many blogs had Ben Davis being traded as a result, and are focused on how Jarvis blocks one of our AAA studs from being the long reliever. Lets wait and see how these new folks are used before we rush to conclusions. And as far as blocking roster spots, it also keeps the clock from starting on players when they are added to the 40 man.

For now, be happy that no longer will you have to curse every time Mr. Furious (aka Jeff Cirillo) swings and miss feeble at bat in 2004, and that we managed to save a million dollars in payroll that might, just might, go toward another pickup in the offseason or that much-desired trade deadline pickup.

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