Wednesday, January 14, 2004

An A's Perspective 

If you think Mariner fans are unhappy with the Angels upping their payroll to $110M and loading their offense with Vlad Guerrero, imagine being an A's fan.

"If you want to give me $50 million more, I promise you we won't blow the 2-0 lead," is what Billy Beane said following the A's Game 5 loss to Boston in the ALDS. This excellent review of the state of the AL West from the A's perspective emphasizes how scary the Angels have become...

Well written article and here's my favorite part:

Beane and Paul DePodesta are once again arranging their peanuts to stage yet another unlikely AL West shell game. It's always easier to remain smug and brilliant when the opening deal includes three aces and the competition has to continue to try outdrawing (re: outspending) you.

Look, the A's are going to remain highly competitive in the division as long as Mark Mulder, Barry Zito and Tim Hudson comprise three-fifths of their rotation and they can patch together enough stick work to squeeze out three to four runs per game.

That said, the AL West just became a three-way pit bull fight of a division, with poor Alex Rodriguez and the Texas Rangers assuming the role of high-priced dog meat.

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